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Bieu Tinh Formosa NJ 2017

All contributions are tax deductible. NJVACA Tax ID# 22-3552587

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NJVACA kính mời quý vị đến tham dự sự kiện dưới đây cho tháng Năm 2017.

Tuần hành trước công ty Formosa, Bắc New Jersey để yểm trợ cuộc tranh đấu tại quốc nội, phản đối việc hãng này xả độc, hủy diệt môi trường biển tại Việt Nam đồng thời nói lên quyết tâm đoàn kết, đòi hỏi chế độ Cộng Sản chấm dứt ngay hành động đánh đập dã man người dân biểu tình, tôn trọng nhân quyền và tự do cho đồng bào Việt Nam.

9 Peach Tree Hill Road, Livingston, NJ 07039
11 giờ sáng đến 1 giờ trưa Thứ Bảy 20 tháng 5, 2017
Welcome to New Jersey Vietnamese-American Community Association

Mission Statement:

NJ Vietnamese-American Community Association (NJVACA), officially established in 1997, is dedicated to preserving the Vietnamese culture and to enhance the community quality of life.

How we plan to achieve the mission is as follows:
  • Promote cultural activities to sustain self identity and enhance leadership among the younger Vietnamese generation
  • Enhance the community quality of life by establishing a mentoring program
  • Create a social space for the increasing number of Vietnamese-American senior citizens in our community
  • Build a cultural center for people of all ages to experience and share
  • Paramount, the NJ Vietnamese-American Community Association (NJVACA) will support other Vietnamese-American organizations in the surrounding NJ areas

As we embark on such endeavors, we call upon you for your support which can be given in the following ways:

  1. Volunteering your time at the events of the Association such as Summer picnic (Aug 8th, 2010), Trung Thu (Oct 2nd, 2010) and Tet celebrations (date to be determined) and other activities.
  2. Donating money to the Association.

As you know, without funding events cannot be held. Please be advised that our Association is a Tax Exempt Organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 22-3552587. All donations will be tax deductible. For more information about our organization, please click through our website.

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