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Message from Lê Ánh-Nguyệt
May 10, 2014

To: My fellow Vietnamese-Americans in NJ

With all your trust, supports, and beliefs, I have accepted the nomination for chairmanship of the New Jersey Vietnamese-American Community Association and will serve as its chairperson commencing on May 2014 for the multi-generations living and growing in New Jersey.


Our Boards positions will be updated shortly. These Board Members are people with various distinguished standings in our community, proven records of community service and volunteerism. There are some open positions and we are still searching for talented volunteers who are committed to contribute their passions for our communities.

NJ Vietnamese-American Community Association (NJVACA), officially established in 1997, is dedicated to preserve the Vietnamese culture and to enhance the community quality of life. Here are how we plan to achieve the mission is as follows:

1.        To preserve our heritage, we are promoting cultural activities to sustain self identity and enhance leadership among the younger Vietnamese generations and share the important of community volunteering.

2.        We strive to enhance the community quality of life through various programs and events.

3.        Our first generation of Vietnamese Americans who are now senior citizens, they will need a have a place to socialize and to support each other.

4.        To improve our services for our community, we will strive to build a cultural social center for people of all ages have a place to congregate

5.        To unify our communities, the NJ Vietnamese-American Community Association (NJVACA) must support other Vietnamese American organizations in the surrounding NJ areas

As we embark on such endeavors, we will need to call upon you for your support which can be given in the following ways:

1.        Volunteering your time at the events of the Association such as summer picnic, Trung Thu for the youths, Tet celebrations and many other activities and programs for our members. The more resources we have, the more we can execute meaningful programs 

2.        Donating monetary to the Association; either restricted to certain program or unrestricted

3.        Assist in fund-raising through program sponsorship, applying government and private grants, and apply funding from to the major businesses in the surrounding areas.

As you know, without funding events cannot be held. Please be advised that our Association is a Tax Exempt Organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 22-3552587. All donations will be tax deductible. For more information about our organization, please go to our website at WWW.NJVACA.ORG.

Very truly yours,

Paula Hicks/Le Anh-Nguyet
Chairperson - NJVACA


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